About techbits.io

techbits was started 8 years ago, and has been through many revisions. As a pandemic-project, the site has been rebuilt from scratch with a focus on privacy and performance.


This site doesn't use any cookies. Not tracking cookies, not session cookies, nothing. Building a site from the ground up with this as an aim forces you to make subconscious decisions as you progress, as opposed to trying to rip cookie-reliance out of an existing system. For example, a cookie could be used to track light-mode/dark-mode preferences, but as that simply isn't an option, a pure CSS approach was taken with the preference being set by the visitor's operating system.


The average web page is around 2MB, and while this doesn't take long to load on fast(er) home internet, when using spotty 3G mobile networks, 2MB can take forever to load. Every element of this site has been considered in terms of performance, and because it's a static site which is periodically rebuilt, resources can be controlled in a way that's not possible on a dynamic website/CMS (for example, the CSS stylesheets are generated on each build and only include the selectors which the site uses).


Ok, maybe accountability is the wrong word, but put it this way, if you find something in a post or page that is wrong, could be worded better, or you just disagree with, you can submit an edit. Because this site's content is driven from GitHub, you can click the link at the bottom of each page/post and it'll take you directly to that page in the repo on GitHub.com where you can submit an edit.

Header image by Remy Loz